Electromagnetic fields, MAN! (EMF)
Harm caused by EMF, see page of WHO
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  T-① Spiral-Shield
       (For electrical appliance)
      (size:180mm×100mm , 2mm thic)
Wrap around electric cable, say, on your audio-system with the Spiral-Shield. You will be
amazed a change of sound and tones. Cleansed electricity makes less noise and more power.
Of course, you can use it to any other item.

  T-② Spiral-Shield(For cars)
    (size:12cm×10cm, 2mm thic)
Wrap around battery cable with the Spiral- Shield. Loss of electricity got less so that you can save gasoline, too. Users say they feel better in their cars, because of, less of static electricity.
  T-③ Synchro-Sheet
  (size:18cm×18cm, 2mm thic)
    (A type or B type,the same price)
Materials such as plastic or metal are easy to get electrified, by static electricity and what they call "plasma" So basically some noise is almost always on your audio-visual media like CDs, DVDs, iPods, records etc.  If, then, you put a material on the Synchro-Sheet,in one minute, it cancels the electric noise. So you can listen to natural sound from the same medea. 
You can apply to any other things like mobiles, lighter, E-dictionary, glasses and so on. You can get back its natural effect so soon.
A type works like a cleaner, while B type works like a generator. Of course, they are maintenance free and you can use them as many times as you like.

 ■All Kinds of Dia-Seals
  T-④ Dia-Seal
   ■Price 800JPY+tax
   (4 pieces a set.3,000JPY+tax
They are the very first original goods of all.
You can put them on anywhere so that your circumstance on EMF will be drastically cleaned for sure. The idea should have come through the Muse, you know?

  T-⑤ Dia-Metal-Pro-Seal
  ■Price 3,650JPY+tax
    (2 pieces a set.7,000JPY+tax)    

  T-⑥ Clear-Seal
  ■Price 3,000JPY+tax (ten pieces a set)
Each seal is in a 1 cm diameter, more or less. Such small thing will save you from disorders caused by EMF. For example, if you put one on your mobile, it is so clear, no doubt, that sound and picture get changed. The quality is from the same idea, but the effect quantity is different on each. The Metal-Pro-Seal is the strongest of the three, the Dia-Seal is in the middle, while the Clear-Seal is lighter.
  T-⑦ Plasma-Sheet(For PC or TV)
    (size:300cm×420cm, 2mm thic)
  ■Price 12,000JPY+tax
Put this Plasma-Sheet under your PC or TV, you will see the display screen softer and clearer, moreover, you can protect your eyes from strong EMF. So that your stiff shoulders and chronic pain on your back might disappear, of course, if you took Alexander Technique lessons, the improvement would get doubled, alright
  T-⑧ Plasma-Sheet
       (For Human psycho-physical unity)

■Price L(size:300mm×360mm 3mm thic)

     S(size:300mm×360mm 3mm thic)
You can put Plasma-Sheet L on your chair so that static electricity and EMF in your body go away. Or you can bring Plasma-Sheet S with you, like a handkerchief, inside of your pocket, which works in the same principle. Especially when you drive a hybrid car, it is just excellent, prevented from EMF.
  T-⑨ Plasma-Sheet
       (For microwave oven)
  ■Price 6,800JPY+tax
As you know that microwave ovens work because of microwaves. This Plasma-Sheet keeps warmed food in the oven vitality. It tastes much better, you bet
   T-⑩ Plasma-Sheet (For Housing)
■Price Minimum 1.5m 30,000JPY+tax
     unit; 20,000JPY/m+tax
         (1m square, 3mm thic )
Minimum 1.5m Plasma-Sheet is necessary in your room so that it affects to the whole room.
The more area you put, the more effect is. You can put one under carpet and the other on the wall, then, it feels like your room turned into the Alps mountain area. EMF in the air is cleansed.

■These Plasma-Sheets etc. goods cancel disorders in materials or circumstance. It does NOT ADD anything. Things get back to their nature after all. So there is no room for side effect.  
T-⑪ Plasma-Power Water Pipe
    ■Price 20A 315,000JPY+tax
        50A open price;ask
20A is for an ordinary home. 50A is for a factory or agriculture use.
Once it is installed in water line system, it is maintenance free. Through Plasma-Power Water Pipe, structure of water molecule is re-naturalized, as very often orbit of water molecule is polluted by small radiation or EMF, which is caused by water-pump in buildings or nuke in this cruel world. Water through after Plasma- Power-Water-Pipe becomes more vital, you can use it for drinking, washing, cleaning, watering plants, bathing, you name it. Over 90% in your body is water and it flows always when you are alive, you know.

  T-⑫ Plasma-Stick
     (diameter 6mm:,length73mm,Very compact)
   ■Price A・Please ask me. (silvor color)

       B・Please ask me. (blue color)
So how could I explain these tools they be that useful. Type A and B works a bit different from each other. The A type cancels EMF and small radiation so it is like cleaner, while the type B gives vitality. If you just touch things with Plasma-Sticks, these things are got to be changed, or should I say, got back to their nature. Effect of Plasma-Sticks go on forever, so you can give these tools for your grandchildren of grandchildren. Don’t lose them in somewhere. It is so compacts that they are smaller than a piece of cigarettes.
The maker ”The Dia-Systems” stands for diamond, still, these tools which are basically made of titanium metal , but, with secret material. They are useful than diamond stones, as
Stereo sound turns into gorgeous ,TV gets clearer, foods get delicate, some disorder in human-being disappear, cats go calmer, and so on. You can create your own use of these tools!
There is a report from an authorized institute of government that shows “There was a considerable difference in static from the experiment on the effect of Plasma-Stick.”

Such as (Only in Japanese though);

It links to "Living body measuring result report"

  T-⑬ Super-Ceramic  
   (size;L length 15mm×diameter 10mm) 
   (size;S length 10mm×daimeter 6mm)

  ■Price 5,000JPY+tax
  (L,8 pieces a set) (S,10 pieces a set))
They are made of soils, of course, and of also of secret material. They have a slight different effect from seals or sheets, as Super Ceramic can be buried in soil, put in water jag and placed on somewhere air moves like fans or air conditioning system. Some user said they put one into canned beer, then, taste got milder.
Of course, you can use them wherever you want to put.

There are several types. All are made from metals. Each one has a diameter of almost 10mm. Length and effect differ a bit from each other. Lengths are, 2000mm, 1200mm and 360mm. Again there are A type and B type. Once it is installed at a certain place, it is maintenance free. You can put them both outside and inside of your house.
Using 4 Antennas, you can surround a place and make a square. Inside of that square, EMF effect becomes less and less, even small radiation changes their direction. The air changes itself. Atmosphere, in much meaning, as it changes itself, foods, plants, things in that field, too, should be changed. You are getting back to your nature.


 T-⑭Terra-Antenna 2000mm
A type 4 piece a set 280,000JPY+tax
B type 4 piece a set 320,000JPY+tax
The original idea was brought about for agriculture use. After a long term of trial and error, finally, it was found out. The first offer was from a farmer living in Hokkaido area where, what they call, geopathicstress by volcano was recognized by University scholars and village folks.
Then, the crop fields once got surrounded by the Terra-Antenna 2000mm, both of the quality and quantity of harvest were improved on that year, and next year, and still it goes on.
It seemed because, harmful geopathicstress got less. Generally speaking, geopathicstress is caused by water underground, volcano, fault and dislocation etc. It is another aspect of EMF by Nature.
So why not use it for our civilized life? It is full of EMF, indeed.
The air surrounded by the Terra-Antenna 2000mm is cleansed and you breathe whole life in that circumstance. Everyday a person changes gas of at least 180 liters, think of, what if, it is polluted…
Moreover, audio-system, TV sets, most electric appliance and so on works better because of less noise in the electricity in the field. You can save electric charge so that soon or later, get back the price of the Terra-Antenna 2000mm, you bet.

 T-⑮Terra-Antenna 1200mm
A type 4 piece a set 200,000JPY+tax
      B type 4 piece a set 240,000JPY+tax
As we mentioned above,  it was for the agriculture use at the beginning. 1200mm is for most of crops in crop fields.

 T-⑯ Terra-Antenna 360mm
■Price A type 4 piece a set120,000JPY+tax
It is so compact that you can use them handy. There are two main possibilities. One is portable. While the other is that you can bury them in the ground so that cleaning is brought about from the soil.
Mobile; I, as an Alexander Technique Teacher myself, had a concern about EMF in the classrooms. Even though my own studio was equipped by EMF buster, when workshops were held in the public spaces, they were almost always so dirty if you thought of EMF situation. Air conditioning, elevator, fluorescent light, carpet and walls made from chemicals… If you stay in such a room for a day, you would be exhausted, even though you were trying to be healthy.
Then, the Terra-Antenna 360mm was improved. Now, without them, I don’t think I can teach a good direction, whereas, with full of noises of EMF and small nuke, unfortunately. The same reason made my friends realize the situation. Yoga teachers, dance instructors, PT, therapists, medical specialists and so on, they got to be fans of Terra-Antennas.
And you, too?

 T-⑰ TControl Center A type
  ■Price 6,900JPY+tax
This is a new invention on Feb, 2014. It is a very small thing, but has a very large effect. You can apply this Control Center anywhere. The naming is, because, a flow of EMF is controlled by this Control Center and the place where it is put becomes the center of the flow.One Control Center surely works, while several ones have slightly different multiplier effects.

For example;
For cars, EMF field in the whole car is coordinated. A monitor told us that he had got far more mileage after installation of several Control Centers in his hybrid car, which, from 19 km a liter up to 29km a liter. (They were used on highway drive.) It seems loss of energy went less so that he could get that efficiency. People in the car are affected by less EMF so they feel more comfortable even after a long drive.
For electrical appliance, of course, it works! If you put a Control Center on air-conditioning or fan motor, invisible dirt by EMF is cleansed and also you can save monthly charge of electricity because you get less of loss of whole energy. A motor of fridge works without loss so not only the efficiency of the machine, but also quality of the food inside changes for sure, with the Control Center. On audio-visual items, great changes on your screen and sound will be noticable. When the Control Center is installed on electric breaker in your house, clean electricity goes all around your house, you bet, you feel better.
For musical instrument, the Control Center has a special effect. It cancels static electricity and EMF so that the sound becomes more acoustic and clearer. No doubt, on the piano or organ, on the other instruments, too, you can apply the Control Center. I used the one on the Electric guitar amps, it really boogies.

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